Hasselbrink to be Mayor, Doby Pro tem – a female first for Los Al


Shelley Hasselbrink will again serve as Mayor of Los Alamitos, and she will be joined atop the Los Alamitos City Council by Tanya Doby as Mayor Pro team.

A quick check of the records seems to confirm that this is the first time two women have held the top two council positions in the city’s 61-year history.  Previously, Alice Jempsa and Marilynn Poe had both been on the council at the same time (1994-98) but never seeed to have held the top two posts at the same time.  Catherine Driscoll was also on the Council the same time as Jempa (2004-06) and Poe from 2006-08, but the city’s quite partisan political dynamics at the time for the officially non-partisan post “discouraged” them from serving together.

Hasselbrink was elected in 2014, and Doby was appointed in 2019 when long-time Mayor Warren Kusumoto had to move to the Washington DC area. Dopby then won the district in 2020.

More on the meeting can be read at the OC Breeze website,, or you can just watch it below, or on your TV set via the OUR Los TV Al streaming app.


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