What’s in the Sun – July 21, 2022


    78th Seal Beach Fish Fry event draws about 3,000

    The Seal Beach Lions current president declared the 2022 Fish Fry was one of the top five Fish Fry events in the event’s history in a recent email.  According to Seal Beach Lions Club President Scott Weir, an estimated 3,000 individuals attended the Fish Fry. The estimated profits for the Fish Fry and car drawing: $90,000. Weir wrote that it was too early to get exact figures.


    Naval Weapons Station gets first female commander

    In a dual change-of-command ceremony this week, Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach saw the first female ever take command of the critical west coast ammunitions outpost.  “It’s truly an honor to be here and to be in command again, and it’s great to be back in California,” said Navy Capt. Jessica O’Brien as she officially relieved Capt. Jason Sherman after three years in command during a ceremony Friday at the parade grounds of the sprawling Naval base off Seal Beach Boulevard.

    Planners advise Gold Coast zone text amendment

    The Planning Commission this week voted unanimously to recommend a zoning text amendment to allow architectural features to project into the interior side yards of Gold Coast homes.  The proposed zone text amendment would allow features such as eaves and cornices to project up to 2 feet into the side yards—provided there’s a 2-foot separation between the projection line and the property line. This would apply to side yards beginning 3 feet above the first story.

    Rossmoor decides to take a whack at Pickleball

    Even though pickleball is reported to be the fastest-growing sport in America, some citizens of Rossmoor have concerns, while others can’t wait to jump on the court.
    Pickleball is something of a combination of tennis and table tennis (ping pong). The court enjoys a similar configuration to tennis, only much smaller and with a “kitchen” area.
    According to the U.S. Pickleball Association, four pickleball courts will fit onto a single tennis court.


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